Certificação ISO 9001


A norma ISO 9001 constitui uma referência internacional para a Certificação de Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade.

A Certificação de acordo com a ISO 9001 reconhece o esforço da organização em assegurar a conformidade dos seus produtos e/ou serviços, a satisfação dos seus clientes e a melhoria contínua.

ISO 9001 is the international reference standard for the Certification of Quality Management Systems. This certification recognizes an organization's efforts to ensure that its products and services meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, enhance customer satisfaction and stimulate continual improvement of its performance.



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Fisola is Quality

Since  November  2005  Fisola  is  certified  on  its Quality  Management  System. Having defined as the Company Strategy the continuous search of our Customer Satisfaction by the interpretation of their needs, and in spite of having our own Quality Management System (QMS) implemented for several years, based on our Quality Manual supported with different Organize Procedures, a decision was made for make this situation official, submitting    the Company to an external qualified audit , getting with this procedure a place on the Universe of the Companies with its QMS certified.

PME Excelência

Fisola holds the status of SME Excellence, awarded by the Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation.
Fisola achieved this status due to the constant effort that is engaged to the total satisfaction of its customers.

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