Since 1976 Fisola is accomplishing a rigorous evolutionplan for its Customer satisfaction. From Macinhata do Vouga, Fisola comes to Industrial Park of Albergaria-a-Velha,  as  one  of  the  first  companies  working  on  this zone.
Today Fisola has more than 100 workers, from which15 are engineering personnel, with our engineering department  we  are  able  to  answer  the  most  demanding projects,  we  are  able  to  create,  develop,  analyze and suggest  the  best  and  most  profitable solutions  to  our partners. Our engineering team carefully analyzes and follow  any  project,  this  way  our  product  is  one  of  the
best  in  the  industry.  Our  facilities  have  today  a  covered area of 10000 m2.

Fisola  diversified  its  production,  initially  from electrical epoxy insulators, profiting its experience and know how won with the manufactory of steel parts  for  the  insulators,  developed  metalmechanics and welding construction, making this its main activity nowadays.
Among other works, we make relief portics , substations  and  poles  for  electrical  energy  transport lines and railways catenary.
Fisola has a technical division equipped with state of the art technologies, inserted in the production and market needs, this way is able to answer the most  hard   challenges  of  quality  and  diversity shown.

Since  November  2005  Fisola  is  certified  on  its Quality  Management  System .